Facebook Push Notifications

Facebook Push Notifications

Push Notifications are alerts that are sent to your mobile phone regardless of whether you are using it or not, as long as you have downloaded the Facebook APP. These alerts can be of messages, streams, advertisements, event notifications, the latest score sports, things you may not want to miss out on. This is a quick way in which app publishers speak directly to a user without the alerts getting spammed or piled up in the inbox.

Each mobile service platform, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, all have support for push notification and have their own as well. Push notifications can also enhance actions such as: Promoting products and offers from different stores, improving customer experience, immediately sending transactions receipts, driving users to social marketing networks, suggests people you may know, reminds you of peoples’ birthdays, tags, fundraisers, crisis, comments.

To activate this setting on the

The first push service was started by Apple in June 2009, Apple Push Notification Service-APNs. Later in May, the following year, Google released Google Cloud to Device Messaging, C2DM. Two years later, ‘rich notifications’ that contain pictures and action keys which lets users act immediately on alerts were introduced. In September 2014, Apple added communicative keys that permitted clients to send their replies to the app publisher. This option was later made available on the Apple Watch.

To activate this setting on the app on your mobile device, you have to navigate to Notification Settings option on the app and adjust the Push setting as personally desired. Sign in to Facebook on a browser or the mobile app, select the down arrow in the upper-right-corner on Facebook.com. Tap on the three lines in the lower opposite corner of the app.

Facebook Push Notifications

Next, they have to choose Settings and Privacy option, then head to Settings. Select Notifications on the mobile app and scroll down to select Notification Settings. Under What Notifications You Receive, you’ll find a variety of notifications you can receive which you can adjust from the Push setting by altering it to On or Off at will.

All Android operating systems offer location opt in as part of the app’s permission setup during installation, iOS presents an opt-in alert to users. This helps publishers to use an individual’s location with push notifications, making them more personalized and centralized to the customer’s frequented area. It ideally makes everything available to the customer, enhancing convenience and flexibility. Most apps we install, ask to send push notifications during installation, what are the implications when we accept? What if we deny?

For some you can’t ignore, to progress forward you must choose an option. As much as we need to know what is running on our apps, they can be a hindrance to being as productive as we had planned. They steal attention from whatever was being done and end up wasting time scrolling at things that could have waited for completion of the task at hand first. Push notifications can also be influenced by an algorithm that the publisher interprets based on the likes and comments on a post by the consumer. This will guide them in making a rough estimate of what the client may be interested in and have related notifications sent their way.